From the Mouths of Babes


I wouldn’t call myself hardened or jaded, but I can generally sniff out a video designed to make money off the fruit of one’s loins.

They generally sicken me and rank right alongside any sappy Hallmark meme someone has unwittingly cross-stitched to my Facebook page. No thank you!

Having said that, even my seasoned heart melted for this little girl, Tiana Sherry, a pint sized ball of wisdom that has gone viral on YouTube.

For anyone who has grown up as the child of divorced parents or for those going through that special brand of pain that is the D word, please watch, learn, love and share the wisdom of this six-year-old girl (if you haven’t already!). This is too precious not to pass along…

Tiana Smile Club on YouTube carries a host of sweet vids of this little prodigy. Such sagacity in so small a body… “I think you can settle your mean heights down to short heights…”

Bless her wise, little heart!

Mother Hen

  • Feature photo:
  • Video of Tiana Sherry courtesy of YouTube, Tiana Smile Club

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