You know, blogging is a funny business.

Well, if you can call it that. I have yet to earn a single penny from this little journey into self-deprecation and artistic pretence, not that I have tried overly hard… Yet despite the usual monetary measurement of success, I cannot honestly say I regret having embarked on this trek into the personal and literary unknown. blogger2

Embarking on this expedition equipped with little more than ten fingers and an overactive imagination, I had no idea how many lovely voices there were out here in the blogosphere, or what a friendly and supportive crew I have come across here on WordPress!

This afternoon, I was privileged to gain my 600th WP subscriber – also known as a “follower,” a word I am opposed to in nearly every aspect. I am no guru and have little to weekend-quotations-from-bella-followersoffer in the way of leadership. I’m just a girl with a flock of chickens, a pair of bunnies, a sweet, funny husband and terrific family. I am honoured anyone even bothers to read my paltry offerings, particularly as I have slowed down of late in the way of posts (because… LIFE!), and my reading habits have become dire, indeed! I shall endeavour to do better in future.

Thank you, my wonderful WP blog-friends, Facebookers, Googlers and Twitterers, for your readership, kind comments and support. Though I do not always say so, I want you to know how much your sunny voices mean to me!

Mother Hen


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  1. 600? Fantastic! As you glide down Bloggers Highway in your pink Cadillac (of course), the numbers will undoubtedly increase but that little ol’ 600 will always look sweet in your rearview mirror. Congrats!


  2. Congratulations! I’ve always enjoyed your sarcasm and wit, so much! just wanted to stop by and wish you Happy Holidays before retreating back into my book writing cocoon! xoxo ~Karen~


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