HH and the Hot Yeti

shutterstock_25924798.jpgHH and I have a long history of music analysis.

This is not to say, however, that it is all serious debate – quite often, HH’s inner 14-year-old comes out to play, and he rewrites the lyrics just for fun.

Tonight, “Shining Light” by Ash was playing in the petrol station when we stopped for fuel. OK, so it’s an old song, really, but one that evokes happy memories of playing taxi driver to my teenaged kids in the 90’s. I think we about wore the grooves off our “Free All Angels” CD.

(Give it a listen! Not only is it a FAB tune, the rest of this post won’t make much sense if you don’t…)_

Naturally, being a little bit of an alternative rock-chick wannabe, I was still singing it in the car…

fur coat

This is one abominable snow-chick!

HH: What was that verse again?
ME: “A constellation once seen
Over Royal David’s city-
An epiphany, you burn so pretty.
Yeah, you are a shining light…”
HH: Those lyrics need to be changed.
ME: (knowing he is a ridiculously poor lyricist) Well, it’s just as well you don’t have that right, then.
HH: (clears throat and proceeds in a creditable baritone)
“…You look like a Yeti.
My favorite meal is spaghetti –
Just let me know when it’s ready!
Yeah, you are a shining light…”
ME: (chuckling) Well, not many girls want to be called a Yeti, hun. I reckon Ash had it right the first time.
HH: (pauses for a long moment.) Well, have you seen one of those Yetis? Some of them are pretty hot…

I cannot help but giggle. God knows I love HH’s goofiness…

img_20141227_092328_wm.jpgFine, then. I’ll be a Yeti. I’ve been called worse. So long as that involves being draped in furs, I can live with it.

Mother Hen Hot Yeti

  • feature photo: Shutterstock
  • white fur: Pinterest
  • photo of me and my darling daughter taken last December – we do love our fur! (I’m the one on the right… LOL)

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  1. About changing lyrics to songs: this is my business 😛
    And I sing those songs loudly. But I’m out of tune. The other side of my world looks at me and laugh: you’re ready for jamboree’s got talent… 😀

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