Baby Daddy

shutterstock_232773613They say opposites attract.

It’s true – and I envy your reserve,

My wallflower man,

So shy, so distant.

Dignity personified,

And saddled with me,

A muddy puppy of a girl.

I wonder –  will you love

This pink, wriggling blob

With your nose and my hair…?

Will you wake in the night

To pace the floor, or

Will you sleep on?

Will you kiss her ten toes

And guard her with your life?

Will you adore her

All her days that stretch ahead,

Popsicle dreams and cotton candy lace,

Pigtails, bruised knees,

Broken heart, tears

And all that this spark of life

Shall become?

You, my darling, are reticence defined.

Embarrassed by effusive emotion,

You retreat to your shell…

Until I see your eyes upon her,

Your mouth curving in a smile

So tender

I melt.

You place your sturdy thumb

In the shell of her palm

Where your heart will reside always.

My worries shatter –

I am shamed by doubt.

You, my wallflower knight,

Reticent hero,

Beautiful man,

Are her father.

Mother Hen

(Writing Prompt: FATHER, part of poetry 101 rehab– Thanks, Andy! Feel free to jump on the poetry wagon each Monday!)

feature photo: Shutterstock

© motherhendiaries 2015, all rights reserved.

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