Stories from Amos: The Well-Travelled Woman

A little trip down memory lane… I’ve another Amos story in the works, so if you are unfamiliar with the series, this is a good place to start! Thanks for tuning in – Mother Hen xx

Mother Hen Diaries

shutterstock_208485571Though she had rarely travelled beyond the County line, Marjorie Weisenheimer never viewed herself as a homebody.

The second youngest of ten children, Marjorie had watched her elder siblings marry and move away, and with each successive marriage over the years, she quietly plotted her own escape between the pages of the National Geographic Magazine. Marjorie was going to see Greece. She was going to visit Athens. The Parthenon. Marjorie was going to wear a blue swimsuit one day, and she was going to dip her feet into the clear waters of the Aegean. This she knew with absolute certainty.

What was less certain, however, was how long her parents had planned to live. As successful as her father proved to be in running Amos State Bank, that is how unsuccessful he was in maintaining his health.  Between obesity, cigars, asthma and eventual heart disease, Old Man Weisenheimer lived a shockingly long life in a…

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