How to Talk British Part 2

I’m feeling another How to Talk British moment coming on… while I work on part VI, here is a walk down memory lane with part II. Enjoy! 🙂 Mother Hen

Mother Hen Diaries

london 4

Trip Advisor has just announced that LONDON is the most expensive city break in the world!

Now, this is not exactly the feather in the cap we were hoping for.  Most of us would have rather Oslo or Zurich claimed the title, but then, who wants to go there?  Still, for any of you out there who have come into a whole load of cash – there must be tens of you – just remember, the English are always here to help.  Having too much cash must be an unbearable burden, and London is probably on your bucket list anyway.

So, with these thoughts in mind and your bank account full to bursting, Mother Hen is here to provide more helpful advice for the fearless and moneyed visitor to Britain.

Travel:  You may or may not wish to rent a car over here (I wouldn’t recommend it).  If you…

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