Women’s Intuition

shutterstock_211430350It’s a thought,

a feeling

That defies definition,

Cognition evading

Any true exposition

But I know,

I feel in the depths of my bones

That something’s amiss!

(Call it women’s intuition.)

You can mock,

You can laugh,

But if you don’t listen,

What you fear most

Will come



Mother Hen

feature photo: Shutterstock

(Writing Prompt: EXPOSITION, part of poetry 101 rehab– Thanks, Andy! Feel free to jump on the poetry wagon each Monday!)

© motherhendiaries 2015, all rights reserved

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    • Thank you, Linda! I have been holidaying in the states so am a little behind on my reading and replies… But I am thrilled! I’d like to say I saw it coming, but sadly, women’s intuition never works that way… Lol!


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