Evil Rabbit Back in Custody


Marlow’s Most Wanted criminal was apprehended this evening. Apple Bunny, who calls herself “Mistress of Darkness”, was brought into custody tonight by Mother Hen. The wascally wabbit was trapped in her hutch after an extended chase through the garden.

“I just couldn’t seem to catch her,” said Mother Hen, who is reported to have used every trick in the book to lure Ms. Bunny back into police custody. “She wouldn’t take cookies, and she turned her nose up at sheafs of wheat, which she usually loves.”

Ms. Bunny’s crime spree began Wednesday morning, when the inmate seized upon an opportunity to scratch and scramble her way out of the arms of Mother Hen’s grandson. Panic ensued at the Hen House as a frantic search for the elusive criminal commenced. The grandson, who reportedly apologized effusively to Mother Hen, has not been charged with any crime.

Of primary concern to the Hen household was Ms. Bunny’s small size in relation to the hawks that circle in her wheat field, as well as a number of other potential predators who may have seized upon the opportunity to eliminate Ms. Bunny. Being a black rabbit, she was also at risk of being struck by a car. There was some mention of a plot by Ms. Bunny to achieve world domination, but her cell mate, Thumper, has refused to comment on any such rumours.

Ms. Bunny remains in police custody, where she has been given extra rations of hay and an ear of corn as she awaits sentencing. She will continue to be questioned over her alleged ties to the local cottontail gang, and will be monitored to prevent any future prison breaks.

Mother Hen, who was understandably distraught, has cooperated fully with the investigation.

“I’m just happy to have her back home,” she told police. “She is a bit naughty sometimes, but mainly, she’s a good bunny.”

Let us hope Mother Hen proves to be correct.

Meanwhile, an investigation into the causes for Ms. Bunny’s aversion to her current living arrangements continues.

Mother Hen

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  1. I don’t know. That Ms. Bunny, she looks innocent, but if she is, what in the world did she run from?! 😉

    In seriousness, glad she’s safe and sound where she belongs, and not out there facing the dangers of hawks and other predators. A friend of mine had her dog (granted, Nico was a very small dog) snatched up by a hawk out of her yard. 😦

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    • Oh bless! So sorry about your friend’s doggie! And THIS is why I panic when Ms. Bunny makes a run from…. Treats, strokes, snuggles and all the fresh veggies she can put away.
      Some bunnies are so hard to please!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s the thing about these wascally wabbits, they’re hare today and gone tomorrow. Heard through the grapevine she had already applied for a job…at IHOP of all places!
    She was also seen hanging out with the Energizer Bunny, bad dude, just got arrested for battery. If I were you, I’d be quick to figure out her punishment and hop to it!

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