Where Has Summer Gone?


It’s August already? Seriously?

Yes, I’m still here… enjoying a beautiful sunset tonight over fields of gold! Harvest is in full swing now – thought I better get a picture of the wheat before it was mowed and made into loaves of bread.

So much has happened these past few weeks, and though I have been busy completing my novelette Bringing Up Baby, I haven’t written much else, really. Even my Facebook and Instagram have been gathering dust, and I haven’t taken a decent picture for weeks now! Goodness, I’ve been swamped…

Within the space of two days, I got a new computer and a new car – HH is spoiling me rotten, which is lovely, of course! I am trying hard to be worthy of such lavish gifts, but I shall never be. Oh well… one can but try!

The 14 chicks are getting big, now about a month old. I have taken them off the mommas so the girls will start laying again. Right now, I have a small army of chicks under heat in the barn. They are super cute! What a mixed bag of colours they are. Love it!

Sadly, one of my blue hens has bumblefoot, and I had to lance her wound today. My 8-year-old grandson said, “Nanny, you should be a vet!” He thought the whole idea was great until he saw the pus and blood… then it was, “Nanny, I think I’m going to faint…” Bless him! He must have got HH’s hemophobia gene…

Apart from that, I have been just crazy busy, but hopefully things will start slowing down a bit and I can get back to writing some fun stuff again! My apologies for the humourless funk I have been in. I feel I’m definitely due for a visit from my Inner Comedienne… she tends to pop up now and again to start throwing things around and rearranging the furniture of my life. She has a low boredom threshold, I guess. 

In any case, I just wanted to catch y’all up! Enjoy your evening – may your sunset be as lovely as mine!

Mother Hen

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    • Same here, Ellen, though maybe a little less damp. Even my daughter’s family – hardcore campers/surfers – cut their Devon camping holiday short by a week. This Monday past there were 12 foot waves down there – sheer madness!! Guess they weathered one night of 40 mph winds and decided to call it quits. But looks like we’re in for a little spell of better weather! Praying for sunshine…

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