IMG_20150629_150129Six of Charlotte’s nine chicks have arrived safely and a day early!

One sadly did not make it, and there are two more under her still. The sweetest of broodies, she actually pecked at me today, which was a very good sign. That protective nature is definitely what you want from a mother hen.

Momma and chicks have been safely transferred to their brood pen in the barn and are settling in. Me? I’ve got sawdust in my hair, muddy feet and I reek of broody poop, which is about as disgusting a smell as one can possibly imagine. (Note to self: Sterilize computer keyboard!) (And hands.) (And clothing…)

I’m sure I’ll recover, but it will be a while before I eat, I think. *shudder* Raising chickens, while thoroughly rewarding, is not without its occasional gross out moment to balance the scales. Still, these little fluffsters are pure joy to behold!

Mother Hen

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  1. I can imagine that all the hard-work it takes to care for chickens is worth it when you see the hatching of the little chicks! How interesting!

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