IMG_20150629_150129Six of Charlotte’s nine chicks have arrived safely and a day early!

One sadly did not make it, and there are two more under her still. The sweetest of broodies, she actually pecked at me today, which was a very good sign. That protective nature is definitely what you want from a mother hen.

Momma and chicks have been safely transferred to their brood pen in the barn and are settling in. Me? I’ve got sawdust in my hair, muddy feet and I reek of broody poop, which is about as disgusting a smell as one can possibly imagine. (Note to self: Sterilize computer keyboard!) (And hands.) (And clothing…)

I’m sure I’ll recover, but it will be a while before I eat, I think. *shudder* Raising chickens, while thoroughly rewarding, is not without its occasional gross out moment to balance the scales. Still, these little fluffsters are pure joy to behold!

Mother Hen

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  1. Congratulations to Charlotte – her babies are gorgeous!
    I am STILL trying to talk the hubs into keeping chickens…he’s not budging. That just means I’ll need to live vicariously through you.
    Hope you’re doing well, my friend. Sorry that I’ve been gone for so long. xo


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