Winning the Lottery of Life

I am not an easy person to surprise. I’m nosy inquisitive, sneaky investigative and a control freak run a pretty tight calendar for social events. But somehow, some way, my friends and family have GOT ME and got me big time!

that moment

Here I am, winning the lottery of life Saturday night.

As our 30th anniversary approached, I was wondering what HH had up his sleeve. He was evasive and vague whenever I would ask, placed a moratorium on all party or vacation planning until the autumn (and I was all like – WHAAAAAAA? Seriously? You’re SO mean…)


The bar at Crazy Bear

Little did I know that what HH had up his sleeve was our children. They had been plotting the ultimate surprise for their very own Mother Hen, who has been moping about in a state of perpetual gloom since it had been a whole year since her chicks were all in the same nest.

Darling daughter arranged for a taxi to collect us from our house at 3:30 on Saturday, with instructions for black tie and evening gown. We were to have an early meal at the Crazy Bear, a swanky restaurant/hotel about ten minutes from home. The Crazy Bear is the very definition of boudoir decadence, the food is fab, and the service impeccable.

During the taxi ride, I reminded HH to make sure and take plenty of pictures since Dutiful Son and his lovely wife wouldn’t be there… In fact, I remember saying to a number of friends over the past few months that really, HH could save his money on a holiday. Nothing would make me happier than to see our son and his wife this summer.

Entering the restaurant, my grandsons and son-in-law were decked out in formal wear and ensconced on a sofa in the corner, waving madly at me. Here is a somewhat blurry video of what then transpired…

Well, I could not possibly have been more surprised! What an awesome treat, having my whole family together on such a special night! What followed was an amazing dinner in the “white booth” at the Crazy Bear, followed by a surprise anniversary party at the Harleyford Golf Club, cake, dancing, and about a hundred of our wonderful friends who were all pleased to be able to talk openly to me again! Apparently, everyone has been dying to tell me about our son visiting…

…and the party!

the cake

photo: Justjess photography… cake created by my daughter, Charity Haynes, of Baking in Progress

Today, our family is trooping off to a holiday home in Devon for a few days under the same roof. The weather promises to be gorgeous, which is always a bonus in England!

You know, thirty years ago when I was just a 19-year-old girl getting married, I had no idea what life held in store. HH and I were babies, really. Life has hit us up side the heads on more than one occasion and we’ve had our ups and downs over the years. But how grateful I am today that we stuck it through the tough early years to be together and enjoying these later ones. What amazing blessings we have had from every angle. It’s not about money or looks or weight or jobs… joy in one’s life comes from something that lies much deeper in the heart.

I jokingly say I’ve won the Lottery of Life, but it is no lottery really. A happy marriage, a happy family, does not come about by chance. With our God at its center, the potential for joy is there. And it is built one memory at a time.

Mother Hen

the whole family

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  1. Happy Anniversary! What an awesome surprise! Although my house is not quite empty, I have learned to value the times when we are all together in one place! 🙂

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