shutterstock_282787808If wishes were horses

I should be away,

Abandoning reason and common sense,

Normalcy, expectation,

Skin, blood and bone.

A beggar’s ride from nadir

To far distant crest.

And still I stay

Away, yet at home.

For horses,

Like dreams,

Are fearsome things to ride.

Mother Hen

Feature photo: shutterstock

(Writing Prompt: AWAY, part of Poetry 101 Rehab by Mara Eastern – Thanks, Mara! Feel free to jump on her poetry wagon each Monday!)

p.s. For the record, this is pure fiction… no need to send for the men in the white coats just yet! 🙂 xx MH

© motherhendiaries 2015, all rights reserved.

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  1. If wishes were horses, I think of all the manure I would have to clean up. And those horses get hunger. So I’ll have to buy some hay. A proper horse needs a stable. Pretty soon I can’t afford the wishes. So I don’t wish much anymore.

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  2. A very thoughtful piece.
    I like how you established everything and your last three lines especially 🙂


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