Baby and the Beast

shutterstock_101958922In life, there are few bonds so strong as those of a mother for her baby.

This is not to say that the parental bond of a father for his children cannot be equally as strong, but for the sake of this post, let us stick with mothers, remembering, of course, that I am MOTHER HEN.


Pingu is the fly in the buttermilk.

Many of you may be aware that earlier this week, my two little chick families were attacked by our local fox, and I lost seven of nine chicks to its frenzied kill. Left with one six-week-old orphan chick (Pingu) and one four-week-old chick with her injured mother, Big Momma  I wrongly reasoned the best course of action was to separate the baby chick from Big Momma add a few more chicks to Pingu, making a flock of six youngsters to be added to the adult flock at a later date. (Adding a single chick to an established flock is basically guaranteeing its demise.)

With my clever plan in mind, I purchased four Buff Orpington purebreds and added them to Pingu, separted the baby chick from Big Momma, and hoped for the best.

How wrong could I be?

Big Momma  spent two days pacing around the chick run, and the little baby has done nothing but send out a distress call nonstop since its separation from momma.

Well, this Mother Hen is not without a heart.

This evening, when I had the chickies out in their grass run, I tired of the distress call and the pacing. I returned baby to Big Momma, and there has been blessed peace ever since.


Camera shy Big Momma (formerly known as Buffy) and her white chick, Powder.

The six-week-olds are now safely back in their enclosure, but Big Momma has managed to bring her baby into the coop and commandeer the place. Most of the flock, cockerel included, are sleeping on the roof thanks to Big Momma’s vicious defense of her baby.


When you consider that many chicks brought into an adult flock suffer a pretty horrible death and are soon recycled into tomorrow’s eggs, this is doubly impressive! I say, GO BIG MOMMA!

God love mothers.

Mother Hen

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    • I think they can die of shock actually. Poor little things… it is so sad. Pingu seems to be thriving though. And Dusty is going broody again so who knows? 😊 Watch this space…


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