Guilty as Charged

wpid-wp-1432909320729.jpegY’all know I rarely rant. Well, at least not out loud. But there are times when I just GOTTA SAY…

As I was trawling the internet today looking for super, life-changingly important things like the benefits and drawbacks of lash extensions and the importance of wearing Spanx under a jersey dress, I came across something that really got my feathers in a proper ruffle. In some spammy ad banner, I saw a link to view a certain number of celebrities who were “aging horribly.” The link, which I will NOT share, featured photos of a bloated and orange looking Mickey Rourke, Meg Ryan’s Joker smile, a post-motherhood Britney Spears, post-rehab Lindsey Lohan, Val Kilmer’s obvious weight issues and various other celeb victims of our image-obsessed society.

I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by a wave of pity for these people, who, while I may not endorse their lifestyles or life choices, are, after all, mere flesh and blood beings who pull their trousers on one leg at a time, eat, sleep, break wind and – yes, heaven forbid – AGE – just like the rest of us. Granted, some if not all of these people have chosen to put themselves under the microscope of public scrutiny and have enjoyed being “on top” of the beauty pile at some point. But come ON. Would Meg Ryan have destroyed her sweet face if she had not been under such pressure to remain cute? Even when she was entering her fourties? Fifties?

And Val Kilmer… isn’t he allowed a meatball sandwich on occasion like the rest of us?

Ugh. I’m feeling properly peevish about all this, actually. Peeved, most especially at myself for having clicked on the link out of morbid curiousity.

Viewing the before and after shots of some of these celebs I couldn’t help think they were not so much aging “horribly” as – quite simply – aging. Would it be becoming for Pam Anderson to still look 22 at her age? Seriously? And Keith Richards. Honestly, the man is 71 and looks every day of it. Where is the crime in that? Why, oh why must we – myself included – feel compelled to boost our own egos at the expense of others?

Please feel free to comment below, so long as you do so kindly. I’ll be 50 this year, so I’m sure I’d be in someone’s crosshairs for age/beauty criticism if I were that important. As it is, I’m not really, and that is just fine with me. This is not an appeal for flattery – I am well aware I look on the young side of my years. But goodness – isn’t it about time we gave ourselves and the rest of the world a break?

Rant over.

Mother Hen

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    • Same here. Apart from Macaulay Culkin who appears heroin-thin, they were, for the most part, just getting old. Overdoing the plastic surgery is all about trying to maintain the youthful appearance which naturally departs us all eventually.


  1. I know, people can be perfectly rotten to each other. I’m over it as well, my husband 21 years my senior, will be 54 this year. I love his imperfections, graying sideburns and disco moves. Everyone gets old, if they are lucky! P.S. you do look fantastic. 😉

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    • Ah what lovely things to say about your beloved! Loving his disco moves especially – so made me chuckle! And I am adopting that phrase – everyone gets old, if they are lucky! xx You are a peach, you know that? MH

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  2. Last thing, a favorite quote of mine I think fits here “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature. Beautiful old people are works of art”. I just love that thought. My grandparents, 87 and 92, are definitely works of art. 🙂


  3. Lash extensions are a critical imperative! Who wants to get blood all over a new gown and shoes?

    Keith Richards looks fabulous! Its Keith, he looked 81 about 25 years ago. Damn I’d of loved to have been there to hear the conversation when he fell out of the tree!

    I now return to maybe behaving.


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