Little Miss Perfect


Little Miss Perfect

Out for the day

Exits her taxi

And makes her way


To dine with The Ladies

Wearing linen and lace.

She unfolds her napkin

And dabs at her face,


Careful of rouge

And tinted lips,

Eyelash extensions

And manicure tips.


So careful is she

To stay put together,

Her grooming is sure

To look good in all weather.


But The Ladies can’t help it.

They’re starting to wonder

How Little Miss Perfect

Has made such a blunder;


For all the Gucci

And Vuitton in the world

Cannot change

What they see in the girl.


They’re raising their glasses

And hiding their grins;

For Little Miss Perfect

Has soup on her chin.


Mother Hen

© motherhendiaries 2015, all rights reserved.

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    • Aww thanks, Lia! I don’t do much rhyme, truth be told, since it can be so sing-songy (sonnets and haiku excluded, obviously!). But Little Miss Perfect deserved the childish rhythm, I think… glad you liked it! 🙂

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  1. Your poems are always well worth reading, they are always warm and always delightful. This poem absolutely made me smile from the very beginning. It felt like a fine meal or firework display because as this reader read each word the expectation of a grand ending grew, like the end of a fine meal and firework display the end was superb, leaving a grand taste in this reader’s mouth but just a little bit disappointed that I had come to the grand finale!


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