Bee’s Knees

2015-05-24 18.47.13I do love me a sweet, fluffy bumblebee!

What it does with what it gathers is always a bit of a mystery to me, since the same bush was covered in honeybees doing the work of producing honey. Bumbles, as we know, produce nothing but a pleasant buzzing on the breeze. Still, while I will break my neck escaping a wasp or hornet, I will happily go in for the closeup on my local bumble! Ever since I was six and dragged one out of my shirt where he had been crawling around hurting no one, I have loved bumbles.

Well, I did step on one once and paid the price… but then, so did the bee. I still love me some bumblebee!

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend, everyone!

Mother Hen

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  1. I stepped on a wasp once. My Mom had half killed it with a broom and it was mixed with dirt just over the threshold. A dying, pissed off wasp is NOT kind to an 8 year old! Bees are much prettier and easier to forgive….


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