Back in the Big House

lv5njYes, my friends… Apple is back in bunny prison once more.

As you can see, she looks none too pleased with the three miles of wire I’ve used to close every conceivable gap in her outdoor run. My naughty and unfixed female bunny, hot on the heels of a phantom pregnancy, was roaming the hedgerows for the past two days, taking a little walk on the wild side with the Cottontail gang.

Well, little missy, whatever damage done will sadly be undone very soon. Your pre-op appointment is on Wednesday.

I know. I’m a regular Angel of Death. I mean, who WOULDN’T want a nest full of halfbreed cottontail kits to look after, I ask you?

Bunnies, with their collapsible skeletons and wiley nature, are capable of slipping through cracks roughly the width of a quarter. Feeling her proverbial oats, Apple has demonstrated why rabbits have such a well deserved reputation. Poor tarty bunny… she’s earned her ears and tail this week for sure. (the little hussy!)

I hope she enjoyed her freedom while it lasted.

Evil Mother Hen

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