Note to self: Bunnies are super cute to watch sprinting across one’s garden, nibbling at rose leaves and foraging amongst the clover.

However. One’s should also make sure one’s garden is not half buried in thick shrubbery that make for excellent hiding places!

ok bunny

Mother Hen was feeling a bit of a fool last night, trying in vain to capture two wiley bunnies with highly attuned escape instincts! My buns ended up sleeping in the garden as we gave up the chase. Both still alive and well this morning, however, and were easily captured. Good thing the fox is on vacation, right?

Thumper headed straight for his store bought food, and Apple to her bowl of store bought lettuce, so I guess captivity may have more to recommend it than was previously thought.

I am only glad my lesson was not learned at the tragic expense of my bunnies’ lives! Black and gray bunnies on dark country lanes are not a good combination, and my nearest streetlight is a half mile away. They would have been goners, for sure.

Bad, bad, bad Momma Hen…

Theme song for this post: “Mother Freedom” by Bread

  • Apple meme: my very own creation.
  • ok bunny:
  • slipper

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RR buns

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  1. I think I spotted the impostor in the picture but I don’t want to say just in case I’m wrong and you end up with a badly insulted bunny on your hands…or feet…whichever the case may be. Just tell them I think they all look great, and everybody (yourself included) have a great day. : )


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