Chickie Love IV

Spring has sprung! Click to view my latest YouTube video featuring my two broodies and their chicks. It’s very short, but I thought you might like a little Chickie Love to get your weekend off on the right foot!


Mother Hen

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    • Leg mites! Oh no…. what a pain. My flock needs to be wormed this week, which I’m dreading. Each has to be caught and dosed. Ugh! I’d rather pull my own teeth. May your flock be leg mite free soon! 🙂 As for my fat hens, this is to do with their breeding – Buffy is pure buff orp, and Dusty is half buff orp. That is where the short back and deep chest come from. They are very pretty birds. Plus, well, broodies are well fluffed out! 🙂 I look forward to pictures of your own flock!


      • Mine are Rhode Island Reds, mostly, plus one that I think is a barred rock – she’s nice and plump! The roo is something else – possibly a mixed breed, but gorgeous, whatever he is. I wormed my lot recently with something broad-spectrum that I mixed with a bag of food and gave to them over a period of a couple of weeks. I don’t know if they had worms … the droppings seem normal, per pictures on … but dang, I’d love to get them looking less scrawny!


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