First World Problems: Confessions of a Failing Fatophobe

In honour of my upcoming 30th anniversary in June, I have embarked on (yet another!) diet. The very thought of squeezing into sausage casing for photos on this most important evening makes me cringe in horror. So, with renewed determination to shed this unwanted muffin top, I am reblogging this tale of my ongoing struggle with the battle of the bulge- 🙂 Mother Hen

Mother Hen Diaries

measuring tape

Be honest. Wouldn’t all of us on occasion like to be transported back in time to meet up with our younger self and just give her/him a good slap?

Now, before you spam my blog with warnings and lectures, I am not advocating violence or self-harm any more than I would advocate ACTUAL time travel, were that possible. We all know what would happen if we were to mess with quantum physics and the space/time continuum. We are talking metaphorically here, people. Bear with.

Great Scott!

I said to my daughter recently, “You know, I never really worried much about my weight until I got into my 30’s…” She just laughed and levelled me with one of those, “Come on, let’s be HONEST” looks and said, “Mum. You have ALWAYS worried about your weight.”

And then I thought about it. Yep. She was right.

Cruising through high school at a…

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  1. Your post is great and so motivating me to rant at my younger self!
    I made so many mistakes, yes, I would love to slap myself up the head. My very kind, smart and caring parents tried to persuade me not to marry husbands one and two, but did I listen?
    I also would never have eaten the bad things I did, since it did not build muscles. I am trying to do this now. I hope my heart and blood vessels will recover from all the donuts and cookies I ate in my 40’s. (That was my weakest moment, going through menopause.)
    I have lost part of an ear due to cancer growth, so would tell my younger self to put sun protection lotion on everything, even my ears. My kids make sure their children do this, boys whose ears stick out, included. Smiles!
    I would wear sunglasses as a young girl, but do have a lot of pairs in my car, for grandkids. My whites of my eyes, ‘show sun damage,’ according to the opthamologist.
    No matter what, I would still love and appreciate my kids, as they came along in the way God wanted them to. (I used birth control for 4 or 5 pregnancies, miscarried two.)


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