shutterstock_126177770My sweetness remembers

the marshmallow moments of girlish childhood,

days sprinkled with hundreds and thousands;

pink, dreamy food.

A tasty treat for life to devour.

The bubblegum day passes,

a chaotic rustle of candy floss dresses,

pink gossamer, and cherry lips whispering

the tart promise of future sweetness. 

I am saltwater taffy 

pulled this way and that,

pummelled and stretched,

measured beyond expectation,

softened beyond possibility. 

I am sweetness poured out on your table, 

coloured, blended;

pure sugar bent, twisted, draped, folded,

sliced and packaged.

My sweetness is tempered by

the salt water of births, deaths,

marriages and paychecks.

Hundreds of thousands of worries.

I spin through life,

hotter, brighter,

and my sugar grows glossy,


youthful elasticity giving way out of necessity

to a hard, candy shell.

I am seemingly impenetrable

but for my soft, nougaty center.

Mother Hen

Feature photo: shutterstock

(Writing Prompt: SUGAR, part of Poetry 101 Rehab by Mara Eastern – Thanks, Mara! Feel free to jump on her poetry wagon each Monday!)

© motherhendiaries 2015, all rights reserved.

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  1. This was wonderful and made me feel so cheerful, helping me reminisce of the good old days, when life was simpler and full of lightness and fun. Thanks for this post and how it made me feel!


  2. I adored your candy poem that mirrors life! Beautifully written! Very creative!
    And the featured photo is so tempting!

    Liked by 2 people

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