Birdspam, Instabunny and…Poldark?

wpid-img_20150423_174739.jpgWell it’s FRIDAY, everybody!! How exciting is that?

Though it is looking (and feeling) like rain may be in our future here on this green rock, we have had a simply splendid week with temperatures in the 60s, dry, and with not too much of a breeze. It is a perfect spring thus far – bring on the sunshine!

In breaking news, our little family has expanded by two new furries and 7 new cluckers in the past month! My poor Instagram friends and followers are no doubt up to their ears in Instaspam at the minute, but hey, last I heard, nobody ever died of a cuteness overload!

It all started with one bunny…

His name is Thumper, and he is about the sweetest little furball a girl could ask for! What a sweetie… not the least bit bitey or jumpy, just 100% pure snuggle-buddy.

Though he has a hutch outside, my Thump-Thump has become something of a sofa buddy. We like watching Poldark on a Sunday night.

poldark -

Aiden Turner as Ross Poldark. Flippin’ ‘eck. That is all.

…even if I am somewhat more impressed with the eye candy than my little bunny. Plot. I mean plot…

Well, naturally bunnies fare better in pairs, so after his castration (sorry, guys!), we added a new little sweet furball to our little farm!

Her name is Apple, since apples are Thumper’s most favourite thing in the world.

As you can clearly see, these two hit it off like a house on fire. After a couple weeks during which we were forced to rename him “Humper”, our little neutered dude settled down and started treating his lady-love with proper respect. In fact, tonight I found her happily humping him on the head. It’s a dominance thing, but he didn’t seem to mind. Poor little guy… all that testosterone slipping out of his bloodstream, discarded like yesterday’s jam. But don’t worry, Apple… your day will come!

Still, they seem happy enough. Oh, and what is that in the background? Chicks? CHICKS did you say? Yes, indeed, my friends! Dusty has hatched out seven beautiful little fluffballs. So far, only two have names. One is called Pingu for obvious reasons… and the lemony one is called Lemony Snickett. I know it’s obvious. But it seems to suit her. (I hope it is a HER, anyway!)

In other bird news, the pheasants have been lurking around the garden in hopes of corn. Like all good Momma Hens, I make sure they get their share!

Partridges have been in on the corn-fest too…

Other things of interest? Flowers! Lots, and lots of flowers!

More chicken spam…

A pair of bucks with ENORMOUS racks showed up behind my house! How they have managed to live this long in proximity to the motorway is one of life’s great mysteries!

Well, my darlings, that is what has been going on in the life of this Mother Hen for April. If you fancy receiving my Instaspam, feel free to follow me @motherhendiaries on Instagram! Life is simply packed with beautiful moments worth capturing. I hope you have enjoyed these ones!

Have a glorious weekend, my lovelies! If that prospect is in any doubt, this one final picture should make it happen for you: 1

Mother Hen

1) Aidan Turnier as Ross Poldark:

2) Poldark shot:

Ok. So there’s a beautiful woman in the series too. If you MUST see her, here you go!



© motherhendiaries 2015, all rights reserved.

4 replies »

  1. Hahaha! Well, I love all of them! The bunnies, the chicks and the eye candy… Humper… Hehehehe… Maybe you have to rename Apple too if she continues with the dominance thing… Lady Apple or so… 😉


  2. Such adorable bunnies! Sadly, I am wickedly allergic to them, or I imagine I would have a bunny or two as well. We have some new babies too. Turkeys and chicks, both of which currently reside in our basement.


  3. This is so sweet! You really won my daughter’ s heart, after the picts of your on the roller coaster, then now with the bunnies. How can I compete with our little gecko? No pb, We’ll adopt a dolphin! 😉
    Have a lovely Sunday!


  4. I wish you could’ve heard me oohing and ahhing as I looked through your pics! Bunnies and chicks are the world’s most adorable animals!!!
    Oh and who is Poldark?!? I hope this series will soon arrive to the USA … He’s quite dashing!!:)
    And the two bucks in your backyard? And the pheasants?! What an amazing natural zoological park 🙂
    Hope you had a great weekend!!!


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