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THE SWARM – Thorpe Park. A ride as cool looking as it is fun!

At some point, it is bound to catch up with me. After all, I am a few years beyond ten now.

Still, once those theme park gates swing open, you would be hard pressed to find a bigger kid than me. I’m talking G-force. Death defying heights. Corkscrew turns and straight drops… Yes, my friends, I am a rollercoaster junkie.

STEALTH – way too short, but a fabulous rush! – photo credit:

One day, someone is going to remind me I’m too old to be snorting adrenaline and screaming like a madwoman, hanging on for dear life and begging the ride not to stop.

Thankfully, however, that day was not yesterday!

"You must be at least this thick to go on this ride."

Ok. So maybe I met both height and stupidity restrictions… credit:

Given our gorgeous spell of spring weather and bright sunshine, coupled with the fact it is Easter break and all the British schools are in recess for yet another week, I toddled off to our closest theme park with my lovely friends and pretended for another day I was that luckiest of ten year olds: The one who meets the minimum height restriction! Woohoo… GO ME!

High point of the day: Riding “The Swarm,” my new favourite rollercoaster, pictured above. The picture pretty much tells that tale! YEEHAAAAA!

Low point of the day? Taking a very wet ride on Tidal Wave and getting soaked to my knickers. Hey, this is England. Though the temperature here was 17 C (62.5 F), it should be noted that the entire nation pretty much strips to the waist and sunbathes in anything in excess of 60 F, so a water ride and a good soaking when – by Houston standards, anyway – it is barely above freezing is more or less par for the course.Even middle aged me with my supercharged internal combustion engine spent the remainder of the day shivering under her dripping wet sweater. Evil Tommy Hilfiger and his cursed 100% cotton boyfriend cardigan! Without so much as a single polyester thread, that bad boy remained a literal wet blanket for the remainder of the day. I am swearing off Tommy for life.


Here is a picture of me and my buddies. That would be me huddling under my Tommy sweater and trying to protect my pigtails from the 30 foot wall of water I was about to crash into.


(As you can see, my attempts at staying dry were wildly successful.)

Thorpe Park may be a long way from Islands of Adventure in Florida, home of my most favourite coaster of all, THE HULK, but it was a lovely day out nonetheless. There was enough sunshine and adrenaline to appease the perpetual child inside me for another month or two! Thanks again to Dionne, Merry and Evie for the wonderful day out, and most especially for the half price ticket! We do love our bargains at any age!

SAW, the ride… Never saw the movie (nor do I plan to!) – However, from the tone of the ride, I kind of get the picture. Something about saws and… scary stuff. Great ride, though!

Keep your nands inside your car, head back against your seat, buckle up and brace yourself, everybody! Life may occasionally be something of a bumpy ride, it’s true. But with a little imagination and a lot of derring-do, we can all squeal with joy and enjoy the trip!

Happy Wednesday, my lovelies!

Mother Hen

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  1. As I read this post, my mouth was agape! I am so impressed with your love of rollercoasters and amusement park rides…I’m such a wimp. I’m more about the kiddie rides, myself…
    I enjoyed the photo of you all as you plummeted down the Tidal Wave. That looked like fun. Your pigtails are so cute too.
    What a great day you spent with friends at the fun park…Hooray for springtime!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww thanks, Lia! I always love a good scream… my life, apart from rollercoasters, is about as tame as can be! 🙂 Thanks you as always for your lovely comments, and for taking the time to follow this madness… xx MH

      Liked by 1 person

      • I would love to hang out with you at an amusement park! You could probably get me on a water ride but the roller coaster might be tough for me!
        I enjoy the joy and positive tone of your blog and writing! It’s contagious and delightful !


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