Bank Holiday Perfection

wpid-2015-04-06-22.14.21.jpg.jpegThe treehouse is complete! Granted, these pictures don’t show the windows in and door hung, but… it is fabulous!

Our day off has been happily spent with family, drills and screws, hammers, nails, guacamole and champagne…

wpid-2015-04-06-22.16.05.jpg.jpegThumper, of course!

Takeout Chinese, and a bonfire.


“Hayden,” I ask, “where are your specs?”

“Umm… what is ‘specs,’ Nanny?”

“Specs is short for spectacles, buddy. Spectacles is the old fashioned word for glasses.”

“Oh… OK. So you mean glasses, then.”


“Spectacles is a weird word,” he says.

“It is,” I say, and, feigning my very best schoolmarm tone, I continue: “Spectacle comes from the Latin ‘spectaculatum,’ meaning a sight or a vision… and “cles” meaning… cles.” I wiggle my eyebrows at Darling Daughter, who rolls her eyes at my silliness. “I bet you didn’t know your Nanny was so smart, huh?”

But, of course, Hayden is Hayden. “No,” he replies, “I just thought you were old…”

Naturally, we wet ourselves laughing. At 6, he gives Jim Carrey a run for his money. I shall never forget him twerking his way across the balcony of his new playhouse before tumbling backwards down the slide.

Oh, I love this family! We are well and truly blessed.

Mother Hen

This was taken before the windows went in and door went on… I have donated a lovely Persian rug for the inside, and lighting… only the best for my grandsons, of course. Cause I’m THAT kind of Nanny…

© motherhendiaries 2015, all rights reserved.


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