My Broody Baby

wpid-2015-04-01-15.05.41.jpg.jpegJust a quick post to inform all that my beloved hand-raised pet chicken Dusty has gone broody!

(You can see her own little chickie vid by clicking HERE). She has stolen 9 eggs to incubate, so in 3 weeks’ time, I’m going to be a Grandmomma Hen! She has been safely and happily relocated to her own hutch to endure confinement, and is the first broody I have had who did not protest to being separated from the flock.

Considering the drama and trauma of Dusty’s own emergence from her shell – which is, oddly enough, the reason she and I are so bonded – I am truly hoping she will be a fabulous momma. Some of you may recall I have had some troubles with my previous two broodies. Dusty’s mother, for example, accidentally smothered her 2 siblings and abandoned her in the straw. I dug her ice cold body out of its sticky shell and warmed her inside with a hot water bottle and heat lamp. To my very great surprise, within an hour my miracle chick was standing up on her own little feet and looking me in the eye. She has been my baby ever since.

So this time, all being well, we should be welcoming a clutch of chicks on or about 21 April. They are not any exotic matings or breeds, just some odds and ends and mixed hybrids, but I shall love them nonetheless. It might be time to look into getting a bigger coop, though…

Mother Hen

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