The Un-Named Band

shutterstock_156249290You know, just when I think my life can’t get any more strange or random, it does.

Some of you long-time readers may recall my many attempts to charm HH into getting pretty much anything I want (within reason) so long as it involves the grandchildren from a post called And Then There Was Kryptonite. You will see from that post that I am at most times a perfect study in altruism and charity, the very definition of self-sacrifice.

Well, my charitable nature has resulted in my acquiring my electronic piano, as predicted, as well as my PA system, mixer, mics and a whole host of cables… for the grandchildren, of course. The boys, at 6 and 8, have just begun taking guitar. I say we must be prepared for their future careers as rock stars, since I am just THAT kind of grandmother!

But while they are busy growing up and while child labour laws still forbid us putting them to work playing Wembley and headlining world tours and all, I figured I might get use out of all this gear to keep it from gathering dust and going rusty and all. It’s the very least I can do. So, having re-formed our band, we had out first practice over the weekend. With three guitarists who can alternate on bass, a synth keyboard plus my own keys, drums, and four of us alternating vocals and singing backup, we are showing some real promise! We will be playing Indie/Alternative tunes, but stuff one can dance to, and we six are made up of 2 girls and 4 lads.

We are as yet lacking a name… feel free to make suggestions in the comments section below! My personal favourite so far is “Pie is the New Black”…

Go on! Suggest away! All I ask is we keep it clean. Our youngest member, Evie, is but sixteen, and everything we play will be family friendly.

Well, someone has to look after my grandsons’ band equipment… just to keep it all in working order. Because I’m THAT kind of grandmother.

Mother Hen

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  1. Finding a name for your band is such a difficult task. The name of mine is Moscow Express. It’s named after the train that used to run from Hook of Holland all the way to Moscow (they discontinued the line in the 90s due to lack of customers). Why don’t you use Mother Hen for a name? Or something Mother Hen-like? Good luck on finding a name and keep on blogging in a free world – The False Prophet

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    • Thx, TFP… and you are right, it is a difficult thing to settle on. But I’m confident we shall get the job done somehow. But I think it will take time. Cool band name, btw – i like it! 🙂


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