How to Talk British Part 1

With the spring/summer travel season rapidly bearing down on us, I thought it might be time for a little refresher course in How to Talk British. Here is the post that started the whole series. Mother Hen

Mother Hen Diaries


People sometimes say that America and England are 2 countries separated by a common language, and I would have to agree. Moving over here I soon discovered that what I said was often misunderstood, and it had less to do with my broad Yankee accent and more to do with word choice.  It didn’t matter I had lived south of the Mason-Dixon Line since I was 9 and that my actual accent was where Missouri married Texas.  From the British perspective, Americans – northern or southern – are Yanks.

In any case, on this side of the pond there are a few verbal clangers you suss out straight away and avoid like the plague. I’ll never forget the story of another American wife over here who, having arrived from Houston just in time to attend a ritzy business dinner with her husband, made the following announcement to a table…

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  1. giggggggggggggles … really!

    I always thought Pinafore was a ship, who knew!

    In Canada we have the HST, Harmonized Sales Tax and you can trust me when I say there isn’t anything (Sottish Expletive Deleted) harmonious about it!

    Don’t be dissin’ on Monty Python or you’ll have the entire commonwealth in a ROW!

    Yes the Yank thing. I was informed a number of times by a certain individual from south eastern Missouri, “I aint no Yankee”. In my case it refers to that 49th parallel thingy and yeah you are a Yankee.

    Billy Connolly, oh god love him! Might wanna be extra careful there cuz as I know from my skirty thingy wearing heritage, The “F Bomb” is ours and Billy may be the best deliverer of those bombs! You wouldn’t want it to lead to this now would you? And yes I did have to explain when I gave this to Ms Missouri to listen to why and what a B.I.R.D. is.

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    • Ahhhhhhhhh- GWAHAHAHA! Man that made me L.A.U.G.H.!!!! I love Billy Connolly, actually, in spite of his linguistic acrobatics. So, so funny. I hope Ms. Missouri got the humour – I sure did. Brilliant! I’m glad you liked the post – this is the first of 5 now published, with more on the way. They are such fun to write. 🙂 xxx MH

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