In Case You Were Wondering Where Those 41 Hours Went Last Year…

shutterstock_60401641Ahh, 200… such a lovely number!

In honour of my 200th blog post, I thought I would share a little 200 trivia with you, my kind and longsuffering friends!

Imagine if you had 200 paperclips placed end to end, they would be about 200 inches long, which is over 16 feet. That’s a lot of paperclips! A paperclip weighs about a gram, but one chicken feather weighs a mere 0.0082 grams! Two hundred of those would weigh less than 2 paperclips! Crazy, right?

charging elephant

Hollow me out? I don’t think so!

Speaking of weight, an African elephant weighs about 14000 lb… which means that if you hollowed one out, you could fit seventy 200-pound humans right inside their skin…

*awkward silence…*

*Clears throat*

Ok. So that was kind of gross. Moving right along… according to Google and the laws of physics, it takes 200 Newtons for a human to move a box 10 metres in 8 seconds, though I would argue that depends on how big the box is and how many Newtons you have to bring to the table. Frankly, I’d rather have 200 Fig Newtons* on the table than move a box, regardless of size.

Another fun fact: It takes 200 muscles to take a single step! I’m pretty sure I only use about 43, the same number of muscles it takes for the human face to frown. I do a lot of frowning at the gym.

There are 200 seeds on a dandelion head – isn’t that cool? Not so cool is the fact that, according to QI and The Daily Telegraph, a quarter of the world’s wealth is held by only 200 people. I, on the other hand, make exactly £0.00 from blogging, even though I have produced 200 entries to date! It just seems so… unfair!

david & saul

“If the spear doesn’t kill him, I’m going to have to resort to foreskins!”

On the upside, at least we are talking simple currency. In the Bible, the future King David purchased his wife Michal with a dowry of 200 Philistine foreskins. Yes, my friends. You heard that correctly. King Saul was convinced David would be killed in the process, but voila, David returned with the foreskins and Saul had no choice but to hand over his daughter. It was a messy job, but someone had to do it, and the Philistines, by all accounts, were a pretty nasty lot. For the record, my friends, this was a long, long time ago, and if you want to impress your future father-in-law, you’d be better off bringing flowers and a ring rather than a box of foreskins. Just saying. But it does leave one wondering: How much did they weigh?

O…Kayyyyy. *cough*

In any case, calculating the average reading time for one of my 200 blog posts at 5 minutes, all this means that some of you have spent over 41 hours in the past year reading Mother Hen Diaries! Thank you all so much, both old timers and the recent newcomers – you are all wonderful to show your sunny faces here in my henhouse from time to time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I shall be proudly wearing my sash and gown this afternoon as I clean the chicken coop and get to work erecting shelves in the barn. I might have to exchange the heels for Wellie boots, but that’s ok. My skirt is long and nobody will ever know.

It’s the least I can do. One doesn’t receive a badge this beautiful every day!

Mother Hen


So this is the badge awarded me by WordPress. But come ON. There is no bling, no shine! I’ll take my 200 bejewelled and sparkly, thank you!

*Fig Newtons are what they call fig rolls in America! Yum!

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  1. Congratulations on your 200th post!! I love all the 200 information. 🙂 I meant to write something at 200- I saved the badge to my pictures folder and everything…. and then I forgot.

    (I’m glad to hear that you traded in your heels- it’s the beauty of those long skirts… you can wear whatever you want under them.)

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