Diary of a Stink Bug

I do not reblog often… But oh my goodness! Cutest post ever from the inimitable Lia… Bon apetit!

Lifestyles with Lia

Recently, I’ve been waking up to a stink bug.

I’m squeamish about insects but after sharing my apartment with this little critter for over a week, he’s kind of grown on me.

And I wonder what he’s been doing around the house all day while I’m out at work?

Diary of a Stink Bug

Monday, 7am:

I woke up in the same spot where I was last night. Feeling sluggish this morning.

I’ve decided not to make the 10-tile trek across the bathroom floor today.  So I’ll stay put.  Right. Here.

Tuesday, 9am:

Today I am determined to cross at least half of the bathroom tiles.

I’ve been procrastinating because of the bathmat in my way but I realized that obstacles represent positive challenges…and a little cotton chenille never killed anyone.

Tuesday, 10pm:

Unfortunately I only managed to cross 1 tile today. 9 tiles left.

The floor was a bit…

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