My Fine Feathered Friday

wpid-2015-03-06-17.32.38.jpg.jpegCHICKEN SELFIE!!

Yes, my friends… this is a sawdusty me administering a little chickie love and rocking the latest in “clean the coop” fashion. (Try to contain your jealousy!)

I know, you are all shocked and horrified to learn I have acquired a couple more hens… I have two who have ceased to lay regularly, but HH has forbade me from culling them. Believe it or not, he has an even softer heart than me.

Yes, on my trip to the feed store today, I spotted two black Silver Lace hens that just had to come home with me. I know, they look like Speckeldy hens, but they are not. The one above is Lacey, and her sister is called Charlotte. I should get 280 eggs a year from each for the next few years.

That’s a lot of eggs!


These two are docile and friendly enough, if a little freaked out to be outside for the first time in their lives. I know they look a little skinny, but they are barely at point of lay. They will be fluffed up and feathered out in no time!


The rest of the flock is none too happy… they are giving the new kids on the block a wide berth and a fairly cold shoulder. But then, it is only day one. Opal, standing proudly beside our rooster, Nilla, was a newbie only in December. And look at her now – swanning about like lady of the manor!

With spring nearly upon us, could we hear the pitter patter of baby chicken feet in our future as well?

Mother Hen

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    • Oh Iowa, it always boggles my mind that you have not been freshly pressed… But then, a man who can’t be trusted with a chainsaw… 😀 You never fail to make me laugh!!!


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