Lost in Space

robby the robotSo, of course you are asking yourself… “Where has Mother Hen disappeared to?”

Ok, so you haven’t.  That’s ok, I don’t mind… everybody is busy, and my tiny slice of the blogosphere is but a speck in the great, wide universe, a dark, shining space teeming with other literary lights far brighter than my own. Truth is, I have about two weeks’ worth of your own posts to read, and I will get to them! But this Momma chicken has been…


(Cue theme tune and swirly sci-fi effects)

Yes, my friends. I have recently been completely and utterly bogged down with that OTHER thing that occupies my time. I believe it is called “Real Life.” Between the various demands of my volunteer work and seeking to convince the Captain of the Ship that I am not an entire failure at swabbing the decks and restocking the replicator, I have recently been circumnavigating the Tax Quadrant with my shields failing and warp coil at capacity. Thus far, the dilithium chamber has not yet exploded, so that’s something anyway.


Danger, Will Robinson…

Yes, I am mixing my sci-fi. But with the sad yet very real death of Spock on my mind, I can’t help but bring a little Trek into the mix. And then, having returned from a brief weekend leave in London, my commanding officer just informed me that my hair bore an uncanny resemblancd to the Lost in Space Robot. Perhaps I need to rethink my standard Starfleet bun!

In any case, I am back in the atmosphere with drops of Jupiter in my hair and all. I look forward to getting caught up with everyone else’s writing, and to visiting the blogs of the new followers gained in these recent weeks.

Live long and prosper, y’all…

Mother Hen

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