wpid-2015-02-20-21.12.20.jpg.jpegThey say that opposites attract. I reckon they are right, given that this firestarter has been 30 years married to something of of a pyrophobe.

It’s not that HH is not manly – he rakes leaves and cuts branches and lugs heavy loads like a pro. He will happily cart as much coal and peat into our house as I can burn.

He simply will not light it.

Actually, I’m not entirely sure if his pyrophobia has something to do with the fact he is a terrible fire starter. Maybe he just lost confidence after a few failed bonfires… All I know is that somewhere along the line, I became the family pyromaniac, lighter of flames, raker of coals and sweeper of ash.

But while I am good at setting fires, I am not always terribly cautious about what clothing I am wearing when I start shovelling coal…wpid-2015-02-20-20.35.34.jpg.jpeg

So, who wears her best Michael Kors blouse to start a fire? That would be me. Who now has the task of hand washing her white designer mortgage-the-farm date night top?

Again, that would be me. *sigh*

I am such an idiot…

Not to self: Either engage brain in future, or stop buying designer clothes…

Mother Hen

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  1. Hah! I do the same thing when I see a spot of painting I think I can just whip off in a sec……yep, need to get used to doing the whole “work clothes” thing……

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