Sunny Monday

20150209_125627Greetings from Mother Hen and the whole henhouse!

I have a list of things to get accomplished as long as my arm today, but rather than waste all this glorious sunshine and nearly 50 degree weather slaving over a hot computer and making super boring phone calls, writing emails and chasing people, I decided to get outside and clean the chicken coop and feed shed, and to let my lovely birds have some quality bug-scratching time in the grass. The above photo shows media crazed pet chicken, Dusty, coming in for her closeup with Mr. DeMille. What a ham!

20150209_125559Yes, my friends, there are more important things to do than pay bills. Ok, well, maybe the bills need to be paid. But when the music plays, one must dance… and when the sun shines, one MUST get outside!

2015-02-09 13.25.53

So, here is my lovely flock, complete with the four Bluebelles I added in December (see Ladies in Lavender). The newbies have finally got their proper names: Opal is the splash, the palest of the four. Then, in graduating shades from dark to light, we have Indigo (Indie), Iris and Belle. No, their eggs are not blue but a very pretty mauve-brown. This Momma Hen is very happy the bullying and henpecking has slowed down and that they seem to be settling very well. At present I am only getting about a half dozen eggs a day from my flock. But it is still winter, and eggs always slow down this time of year. In summer, I should get something like 9 or 10 eggs a day. Anyone out there fancy an omelet? 🙂

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Happy Monday, everyone! I promise to get back to writing proper posts once the sun stops shining and the bills are paid.

Mother Hen

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  1. Those are not just the happiest chickens I have seen in a long time, but definitely the most colorful. It makes me want to fly to your side of the pond just to do a little picture taking of my own. 🙂

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