Sushi Mondays

I should be feeling guilty. Super guilty, actually…

But I’m not. What’s wrong with me?

HH, bless him, had to work this weekend (it’s a rarity, but a few times a year it happens – it’s an IT thing), and has pulled an all-nighter and worked like a Trojan, juggling sleep and work and the odd nap and then more work… And after a he**ish weekend, the powers that be decided to call an early meeting on Monday morning. Seriously?

Long story short, my beloved HH is exhausted and overworked at the minute.

So this morning, on my day to iron and launder and vacuum and muck out the chicken coop, shop for the week and get caught up on paperwork, Darling Daughter texted me with a request for a morning of shopping and sushi for lunch.

Well, who could say no to that? And it was Blue Plate Monday at Yo–Sushi… all plates £2.50. (Score!!!)

2015-01-19 22.18.28

My scantily adorned wristlet… I’ve opened Pandora’s box now. Where on earth will it lead me???

Honestly… if they were giving grades for wives today, I would have scored an easy D-. Not only did I Yo-Sushi myself up sideways, we also stopped by the Pandora shop, and… yep. You guessed it. I bought a bracelet. Was it extortionate? Yes indeed. My first and only charm is a treble clef… HH is fundamentally oppsed to all things Pandora, so even though our 30th is approaching in June, I expect no charms from that direction. But if anyone wants to make a donation to my sadly unadorned wristlet, please let me know…

Hahahahaa! Just kidding, y’all… you know very well I will fill this puppy up in no time. It’s how I roll.

Laughs with Darling Daughter, sushi and sterling silver… all in all, a pretty awesome Monday!

Mother Hen

p.s. I should really be feeling guilty. I know. I should. I’m rotten… poor HH. Good thing he loves me. And, even without Pandora charms, he IS pretty charming really. 🙂



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