Month: January 2015

The Nap

I am three years old, lying in my mother’s bed on a warm, spring day. It is nap time. The moan of eighteen-wheelers passing on the interstate is carried on the breeze, breaking the silence of my pink-walled prison. Mum sleeps, her chest rising and falling, her song […]

Anatomy of an Apricot Sunset

Sometimes, you just have to stop the car and take that picture… despite my lack of an amazing camera that could do these scenes justice! Picture 1: View down Winchbottom Lane, Flackwell Heath. Picture 2: Sun through trees near darling daughter’s house. Picture 3: Sunset cresting through trees… […]

I’ve Got Eggs Too

Awww what a lovely shout out and “tribute” post from my Canadian blog-buddy up at Vancouver Visions – turns out we have “EGGS” in common! What a fab little read, and as always, he is a lot of fun and such a sweetheart… Thanks, Brian… you’re a peach! […]

Pillow Talk II

Handsome Hubby is turning off his second snooze alarm when I return to bed this morning. His phone alarm is kind of a swelling Zen tune accompanied by the sound of running water, and while I am thankfully still in complete control of all bodily functions, the water running did […]