Bucket list #236: “Ski the Matterhorn”



You will be pleased to know I about froze my fingers off taking this picture. I’m about as cold as a person can possibly be and still be breathing, but it is so worth it!

Have a glorious Monday, everyone!

Mother Hen
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  1. Glad you’re healing! Yup, I do remember the cold, not just on the slopes. We were lucky to find a chalet to rent up there, it’s a popular area! We loved the small village life and the people, so friendly. But, we found that friendliness everywhere in Italy! Happy skiing, and Happy New Year!

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    • Thanks!! We are actually staying in Cheverel, near La Salle, 20 minutes from Aosta… this is our 2nd year using this chalet. Proper houses are so hard to find in Italy! We are the ONLY visitors in this village. 🙂 🙂 But yes! We love Italy and Italians in general… lovely people, very family oriented. Having a lovely holiday! 🙂 🙂

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      • I’m soooo jealous! Your posts are bringing me right back to some of the best memories of living in Italy! Enjoy your holiday and the wonderful Italian people! Happy New Year!


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