Sunset, Monday 8 December 2014

wpid-2014-12-08-16.11.09.jpg.jpegI had a lovely little stroll through the wheat fields tonight…

There was mud up to my boot tops, but worth it for this lovely blaze of colour at the end of the day!

The chicken coop is cleaned and all set for my new flock additions tomorrow afternoon… I have my eye on some beautiful Beechwood Blue hens to add to the mix. Lovely Jovely!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Mother Hen

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  1. I had a lovely little stroll through the wheat fields tonight…

    I never really understood what a “way” or a “right of way” was until I hiked the North Downs Way in Kent, many, many years ago.

    Said an astonished me to a farmer as “the way” led through his maturing wheat field, “You mean people don’t get shot for tramping through a grain field?”

    “Not unless they are Americans who ask stupid questions,” he said.

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    • I’m buying point of lay hens… too cold to rear chicks outside! 🙂 But I will be breeding a few clutches this year once the weather warms up. 🙂 How did your chicken do, by the way? Did she make it?

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      • She’s fine, thank you. Feathers have grown back, and she seems as close to normal as a chicken ever does. I think she just got chilled … The temperature here dropped and held well below freezing (actually a record low for that period) quite suddenly, and the poor girl was almost bald, I kept her in for a few days, and let her back out with the flock when the temperature bounced back up to a comfortable level, and she was quite happy – didn’t need to come back inside again.

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  2. Dorreen, I am so glad to see the sunset, while I am in the library, where the windows show a dark parking lot…
    I am smiling at the comment, muddy boots are definitely worth it, when you are able to capture such a beautiful ‘blaze of colour!’ Smiles and since I get quite busy this time of year, I will throw in an early hug and kiss for Christmas and a “cheers!” with champagne for the New Year!

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  3. Was out walking the hounds this morning and had a fantastic sunrise, similarly stunning, across the open fields, just beautiful.
    I was going to buy some new additions to the coop, having just had our three turkeys and a guinea fowl put into the freezer, but surprise of surprises, a hen started to cover a few eggs, and lo, seven new little chickys pootling about in the garden. One sadly didn’t make it, but the remaining six were happily leaping out into the chilly winter sunshine this morning. Its one of the sights that gives me joy every single time.


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