Oh, My Nose!

Note to self: Next time you plan on unloading nearly a ton of winter fuel single-handedly, make sure you wear a nose guard.

34670-364861Yes, my friends. There is a reason my middle name is Grace. No, seriously. It really is! My mother was clearly feeling ironic when she named me. But then, I was named after Doreen from the Mickey Mouse Club, which kind of set the tone for my life in any case… but I digress.

Long story short, when I dumped the first 20 kilo bag of smokeless coal onto the 2-wheeler, I had not made a proper physics calculation of what happens to a mover’s dolly placed on a sloping driveway. After bloodying my nose and very nearly knocking myself unconscious (on a cold, cold day, no less), this lesson in miscalculation shall be well and truly remembered.the_brady_bunch_watch_marcia_breaks_her_nose

The coal and peat is stacked neatly in the garage, enough to keep us toasty and warm all winter long. Thank goodness my nose is not broken! It was a bit of a Marcia Brady moment, truth be told… but I’ll survive. At least I’m not planning to attend the school dance any time soon. Or ever.

Sometimes even I am amazed at my own stupidity. Good grief.

Mother Hen

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  1. Must be a writer thing! Although I am athletic I must be the klutziest person around. When I was 12, I helped my friend capture her dog before he ran out from under the partially closed garage door–as I dove and grabbed the dog, the garage door closed, bounced a little off the dog’s back (no injury to dog) and the door whacked me in the nose. Hairline fracture and two black eyes, but I was a hero, LOL!


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