The Building of a Character

Sitting here in my broken computer glasses held together with packing tape I was reminded of this little post and thought it might be fun to reblog it for those who may have missed it. If you’ve ever wondered why I’m such an oddball, well, here’s your answer! 🙂 MH

Mother Hen Diaries


I reckon God was having a laugh the day I came into existence…

He took one look at the two imperfect halves of my DNA strand and just started to chuckle as he knit it all together into a double helix a zillion miles long.  I reckon he said something like, “Oh, dear…”

Reading my code, He would know I would be graced with fine hair, neither straight nor curly, that was forever a mess of tangles.  I would have a cowlick and a widow’s peak in an era when every girl wanted Marcia Brady’s hair:  Dead straight, thick, and with a mathematically precise center parting.

fam255 A 21-year old me sporting a dyed ginger perm and my lovely daughter… and also the dreaded mole…

In that code, He saw a tiny brown mole beneath my right nostril which would increase in size with each year of my life, lending my face…

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