Let it Snow, Let it Snow…

This picture of Chatelard Castle taken last year should tell you why Mother Hen is a happy girl this weekend… our holiday is booked, and the countdown to ski season has begun! Not many weeks now and we will be making the road trip across to northern Italy!

Here is a little teaser of what we will be seeing and doing…


The Alps viewed from our favourite reasaurant on run #7, Pila, Italia



Snowbathing at St. Bernard, France with Darling Daughter and Son-In-Law



Fabulous calamari starter whipped up by our Son-In-Law, and a lovely spot of Cotes du Rhone…

Oh yeah… we will also be skiing! Woohoooooo!

My apologies to everyone in the states who is sick to death of snow right now. But as for Europe? I say Let it snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

So, so, so excited…

Mother Hen

p.s. Regarding the first photo: I forced my beloved husband to pull over on the shoulder so I could sprint up the road and snap this gorgeous shot of Chatelard in the fog last year… snow falls there year round, thanks to a little “magic” from Google AutoAwesome. This picture makes me smile every time I see it!



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  1. Have a wonderful trip! I love Europe, born in Amsterdam. I love the old cities. I’ve never hit the slopes there though. That will have to be on my next ‘to-do’ list. Love the snowy postcard. So warm and comfy.

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  2. LOVE these photos! We are a skiing family too, but only make it to the mountains every couple of years. Have a wonderful time and take tons of photos (I’m sure your husband is used to it by now!)

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    • He is very longsuffering and tolerant of my picture taking… I was looking back through photo albums the other day, and in the early days it is all him and the kids. He looks like a single dad… guess who was behind the camera? 😀 Oh well… xx MH


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