Pet Peeves and Other First World Problems

shutterstock_129469187They say “life is a beautiful”, and it is. But, wouldn’t you agree that even a happy life is sometimes marred by little annoyances? Pet peeves… little niggles that just get under your skin?

It’s funny how I can cut plenty of slack for some granny pulling out in traffic ahead of me and put-put-putting along causing me to miss the green light, (Well, usually. Unless I’m in a hurry or am hopped up on caffeine, which is most of the time – but that’s another story!) but I find people failing to use turn signals really quite annoying.


“Thank you so much for the twelve pounds of coins, madam!”

Likewise, if I go to the grocery store at the wrong time of day, I might happily stand in a queue for a good fifteen minutes behind 3 full shopping trollies. But on a quiet day, the lady in front of me who decides to pay for £130.06 in groceries with small coins is a massive irritation. My groceries are already on the belt, and it’s too late to change lanes, so I am stuck. My wait time is about the same, but still! It’s annoying.

Evil spellcheck errors are incredibly annoying, especially when left in WordPress comments on someone else’s page… nobody likes looking like a moron who either has limited grasp on the English language or grossly oversized thumbs. Frankly, given a choice between the two, I would rather people worry about me having freakishly large hands… I may be a freak, but I’m a freak who can spell!

Slow internet: Annoying.

Slow boot time on my PC: Annoying.

“Free” WiFi that asks for your complete life’s history and rights to your firstborn, your fingerprints and a DNA swab so they can spam you to death and steal your identity? Yeah. That’s pretty annoying. I don’t need to see the latest cat meme on Facebook that badly…

cat meme

It would almost be worth that DNA swab to be able to view this on free WiFi…

Taxes? Super annoying! But lack of fire, police and ambulance service, road maintenance and garbage collection would be worse. Just saying.

People who talk too loudly in public places? Annoying. Sometimes that would be me, if my family are to be believed. Being told to keep your voice down is the most annoying thing ever! Can I help it if I have a voice that can cut glass? It’s not loud… it’s just clear. Very.

Calling a business and being put through to an automated answering service: Annoyingest*. Thing. Ever. Yesterday, it took me 10 minutes to find a way to talk to an actual customer service rep for my cellphone provider. Of course, the call center was located in India, so I spent a further 10 minutes trying to decipher what the rep was saying. Very, very annoying, both for me and poor Bhasha. Or was it Asha?

Christian Louboutin… (or is it YSL – haha!) available in sizes 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Because Tinkerbell must have her shoes. And also that big blue chick off Avatar.

Commissioned salespeople who hound you in clothing stores and car dealerships? Mm hmm. But salaried salespeople who are nowhere in existence when you need them? Well, they are pretty annoying too.

Speaking of shopping: Wearing a size 6.5 (8.5 US) shoe is annoying, since 85% of the rest of womenkind on this planet have exactly the same size, and I can never find shoes that fit in the sales! (I am depressingly average in all respects. Sigh…) When will the retailers learn that they only really need about 3 pairs of any other shoe size? Gaaa!

Ok. Rant over. The most annoying thing in the world is a person who spends all their time complaining, and I have just eaten up 5 minutes of your time by doing just that! 

So tell me: What are your pet peeves and little niggles? I’m sure your rant can’t be much worse than mine…

May your weekend be annoyance free and happy!

Mother Hen

*I am aware that “annoyingest” is not an actual word. But it should be.

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  1. I could sign any of your peeves – maybe with the exception of the size 6.5 shoes. What annoys med the most: Slow drivers and stupid drivers… And of course in the end none of this matters – or shouldn’t…

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