Gonna Wash That Troll Right Outa My Hair…

shutterstock_195834719Well, it was bound to happen one day… my first experience with the cyber-troll.

You know the ones… they locate your blog and follow, then show up one day spewing either hate or obscenity or, in this case, the voice of a religious zealot. They pick and provoke with mad ramblings, veiled threats and obscure messages, and then try to use your comments section as a venue for their grandstanding.

After all this, they are mystified as to why you a.) don’t follow them back, and b.) mark them as spam and refuse to display their messages.

Well, guess what? This is my blog. If you want to throw up all over your own page, have at it. Just don’t expect me to read it. This is a happy, family friendly place, we do not pick, we do not swear, we do not argue, and we do not preach in this forum. Period.

Honestly. Some people…


My thanks to the 516 of the rest of you out there, who have been nothing but completely lovely for these past 9 months. I truly appreciate your support and kindness. You know who you are…

I think I’ll go have some icecream now…


Mother Hen

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  1. I haven’t really had a troll…yet. I did have someone disagree with the way I comment on my blog and my style of writing posts. They felt there were times I was too direct and personal with my comments and was tending toward being erotic and arousing with some of my recent posts. I decided to create a post encouraging an open forum on the topic and stayed out of the fray for a solid week. I let the readers and community slug it out. In the end, I was well-supported by an overwhelming majority of them which felt really good. I decided up front to stay on the high ground and not get into personal vitriol. It may have been why they also did the same. In the end, it was an amicable informal agreement to disagree on both our parts. Basically it ended with me saying I can’t be all things to all people and have to write with my voice and if you don’t approve, don’t read; not in a nasty way, just as a matter of fact.


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