Cliffhangers or Conclusions?

mySuperLamePic_2698c36b0b4976ebd128c0049d194803Ok… I need some advice here, and I ask you all to please be honest.

I began writing short stories back in August, and I have had a couple that have had to be broken up into segments (part 1, part 2, etc…)

The rationale behind this is not so much that I love a “cliffhanger”, but more because, as a follower of many blogs myself, I realize most of us only have only so many hours in the day to devote to reading other people’s work, and I try to be brief. Most of my posts run 1000 words or less, and for works of fiction, I try to cap them at 1500, roughly a 4 or 5 minute read, depending on how much people skim speedy people are.

I don’t know about you, but when going through my reader, I may often see a post that interests me, but when after the initial sentence it says “3500 more words”… I think to my self, MAN! I haven’t GOT 20 minutes to spend reading this post! Love ya, but… gotta move on…

That sounds so very harsh, and I am shamed to my core to admit it, but I think this may possibly be a problem for more than just me.

So here is my question for you, dear readers, followers, friends, blogbuddies, family members and any domestic pets that may be laying on your keyboard as we speak: Would you rather have a serialized version of a short story (i.e. part 1, part 2, part 3) or one mega-long post so you aren’t left hanging off a cliff? Or, alternatively, would you rather works of fiction be moved to another blog? I realize it is not everyone’s bag, baby. 🙂

Example: Here are links to Crazy Part 1 (1343 words), Part 2  (1056 words) and Part 3 (1550 words). (That story is concluded, by the way – woohoo! No more cliffhanger!) As one post, this would have rung in at a whopping 3949 words…

Please advise!

Mother Hen

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  1. Cliffhangers 👍
    Conclusions 👎
    When I see ‘page 3 of 12’, I skip to page 10 and hope I still get the gist (short attention span). I don’t want to skip any of your great stories…please don’t make me.

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    • Thanks, Mel! Love the thumbs up/down… hahaha! I will be consolidating my multipost stories into pages under its own category at the top for those who like things in one chunk… 🙂 Glad you are enjoying my ramblings!


  2. One category, stories under it. Limit photographs (if you put them in) that break up the story. Same here, I’m spending too much time reading posts and when I get to a loooong one, I skim, like and leave. No time for a comment, even if I wanted to leave one.

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    • Yes, same here. It sounds so cold. But the other day, there was a post in my reader that was going to be over 3300 words! Goodness… I like the writer very much, but that is just too long for me in one sitting. 🙂 Maybe I am attention deficient… haha!

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      • It’s a dilemma…but prioritizing time is important. Now with more blog exposure I have to weigh whether I need another follower. I’ll need to pay attention to them, they’re not just as another number. Guess you can say I’m not ever going to be a power blogger. Too involved with people as individuals.

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