Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

Now, my friends, prepare yourselves for a real feast for the eyes! Stunning photos from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts “Fine Arts and Flowers” exhibition captured by my blog buddy Barbara, a talented writer, horticulturalist and West Highland Terrier expert… plus all around great gal. If you are not following Silver in the Barn, I would like to know why not! Mother Hen

Silver in the Barn

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts held its biennial extravaganza last weekend:

Fine Arts and Flowers.

Those of us who attempt floral arrangement of any kind will appreciate the immense achievement of the inspired designers participating in this event. They are asked to interpret works of art from the museum’s permanent collection. Interpret, not copy.

Because I could not take my time or elbow other attendees out of the way in order to get the perfect shots, we will have to make do with what I was able to capture. It’s annoying in the extreme that my blog photography needs do not trump the viewing pleasure of other museum patrons, but that seems to be the case, at least this year. Maybe two years from now…..

20141108_110523 Jasper Johns, “Between the Clock and the Bed”

20141108_103140 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, “Sechs Tanzerinnen – Six Dancers”

Screenshot_2014-11-14-18-26-54-1 Marsdon Hartley, “Franconia Notch”

20141108_113023 Pierre-Jacques Volaire, The Eruption of Vesuvius

20141108_113147 Paolo de…

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