Honestly – Who Doesn’t Love Firefighters?



… and so there I was, just your average, middle-aged lady going door to door on a street inhabited entirely by firemen…

I know. That sounds like the really bad beginning to a book most decent people hadn’t ought to be reading! It’s not like that, really. Honestly! It’s not, but…


I won’t bore you with memes about burning my house down, on account of this is a family blog and I am a married lady and all. But, for the record, I would be hard pressed to imagine a nicer group of men than I met this morning. Handsome, tall, brave, sure. But also men with beautiful manners and a ready smile. You gotta love our firefighters. Thanks, Bucks Fire & Rescue! I’ll try not to burn anything down or become roadkill for you to scrape up. Y’all are lovely! 🙂

Mother Hen… who wouldn’t love a guy willing to save a kitten? ADORABLE!!)

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  1. I just read the title and had a HEARTY chuckle that turned into a laugh. We certainly love them in California. You know the place, no water, tinder and kindling everywhere. They even let me go when I had a chimera that made my neighbors nervous and apparently required a permit. Thank you for the smile.


  2. I like movies, t.v. shows and real fire fighters, they are definitely appreciated by this single woman, over 50! ha ha! (Do you know of any in Ohio that are available? ha ha! some more cackling than necessary, I know you are clear on the other side of the pond, so to speak.) hugs for this attractive post, Dorreen!

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    • You are most welcome, Robin! Honestly, I never understood the whole “let me burn my house down” memes and silly humour… but then, I was on fireman lane. Wowsers! Where do they GET these guys???? 🙂


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