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    • Too right, IB, too right! 🙂 Actually, this was caught post coffee, so I was waxing lyrical. Sunrises are remarkably unphotogenic. It was so much better in real life, like most things. But still… who could resist trying to capture even a fragment of it? God is, indeed, a generous artist!


  1. I do a lot of pictures of sunrises and sunsets too… just so you know. I mean, mine often have some sort of weird twist… thanks to the crack squirrels… but I think I even put sunsets into my word cloud thing in the sidebar.

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      • I am not badgering you, you understand, it is just that it is hard to explain to people what I do here, so I try to look for things we might have in common, and then point them out. It is either that or ask you to scroll down past a few hundred old posts looking at the titles and the pictures… you know, just to make sure you get an idea of whether or not this is actually a good place for you to hang around.
        The thing about the crack squirrels in my head is that I might do one post about something and then never do another post about it. But I often get followers from that one post. Then I feel guilty, like maybe I led them on. It is all very confusing.

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  2. I took a photo this week, where I labeled it as I sent it off to friends, as “Fire in the Sky!” So cool that you had this same kind of exciting sunrise where you were, MH! hugs and smiles!

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