Sunday Sunset, 2 November 2014



Here we are, once again… basking in the glow of another glorious sunset!

Actually, I had left the dinner on the stove to creep outside in hopes of photographing the flock of about fifty partridges grazing in the freshly sprouting wheat, but alas, quiet as I was, I was not quiet enough! Some hen sent up the alarm, and within seconds, I had a flock of skittish partridges on the move, flying low, and southwest into the sunset. But I did manage to catch this beautiful shot of our golden sun bathing the world in its warmth, the delicious afterglow to a lovely day.

Oh, and I managed to catch a flock of … some birds?… arcing overhead. Pretty!

2014-11-02 16.45.53

Returning to the front of the house, here was a panoramic shot of the fields across the road.



You know, people stop their cars in this spot daily to capture this view. Walkers halt their dogs and pull out their cell phones to take a quick snap. Lovers pause and reflect before stealing a kiss, and I cannot blame any of them. It really is beautiful.

Here in the English countryside, we may not possess the grandeur of mountains, the drama of a rugged coastline or anything that may be termed outstanding in the classic sense. Still, there is an earthy beauty here that is unparallelled. I am truly thankful for my little slice of paradise.

Mother Hen

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  1. Love sunsets! And yours is spectacular! Named my blog site Before Sundown remember what made you smile! Working on a book, Before Sundown everyday. Peace and tranquility, blog and book, everywhere!


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