How to Achieve Simple Happiness

Yes. Yes. Yes! The formula for simple happiness from my owl-loving Irish blog-twin and sister in weirdness, Janey B. Good. Bon Apetit! STAR JUMPS EVERYONE!!!


Kiss people you love. Blow kisses at people you don’t.

Laugh often, but not at the expense of other people. Unless they fall over.

Dance to your favourite song in your car going to work.

Rest your forehead against the chest of the person you trust the most in the world.

Rub noses with your pet (unless your pet is a scorpion).

Laugh at your own jokes.

Have a glass of wine or a bowl of ice cream.

Light a scented candle and have a bubble bath. Sing terribly.

Eat some chocolate, don’t feel bad about it.

Do some star jumps to motivational music.

Remember compliments you have received and forget the insults.

Give someone a meaningful compliment and watch the smile spread across their face.

Observe the stars in the sky at night. Our universe is infinitely huge and we are only a minuscule part of it. Your problems…

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