The Dumbest Fly Ever

shutterstock_209823907Ok. I’m all about showing loving-kindness to creatures great and small.

Except when culling my flock, obviously. Sometimes, what has to be done has to be done.

But then, there is the DUMBEST FLY EVER.

Today was my day for working on finances, sweating (as usual), trying to make ten pence into fifteen and keep all the creditors happy. And, it has been a hot day, can you believe? Today temperatures soared to 23 degrees… that’s well over 70 Fahrenheit! On October 31st? That is just crazy. O course, my windows were open. Hey, I’m 49. You do the math on the heat thing.

So, in flies the DUMBEST FLY EVER.

Mother Hen never seems to get the gently buzzing fly who traipses around the house looking for places to light. No. I get some monstrous winged beast, a dragon in miniature, who decides that it is impossible to light anywhere. Wings were made for flying, man… And that’s just what it did.

All. Day.

The evil Kamikaze fly dive bombed me again and again and nearly drove me out of my blooming mind with his ceaseless buzzing. Tonight, while trying to unwind with HH with a drink and a movie, here comes Mr. Annoying Kamikaze fly, dive bombing again.

I caught him once and tried to release him outside. Here’s where STUPID comes in. He immediately flew over my head, returning to my house and his ceaseless circuits around the hallway light. I caught him again, and have FINALLY ditched him, alive and buzzing, out into the darkness…

Just waiting for his return.

Mother Hen

Photo: Shutterstock. (No way was that idiot fly sitting still long enough to smile for the camera.)

Scale: 1 inch = 1 inch.

© motherhendiaries 2014 all rights reserved

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  1. Hi there. Do you mind me asking how you post the images that accompany your post tiles? I am new to blogging, and I embed Getty images into my posts, but I can’t seem to get a handle on how to get a specific image to appear with my post’s title. I appreciate any tips you have.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Michelle! Of course you may ask, and I am pleased to help! The image that appears in the post tiles with related posts at the bottom is generally the featured image, or the first image of the post. You can display these on your own blog by going to settings > reading > related posts > “use large and visually striking layout”. That will include the images for you. Always set a featured image with your posts. You may choose this from your add media menu when you add a post. I prefer to use Shutterstock, my own photos or uploads from the internet for images rather than Getty, as I had problems in my previous theme with them recognizing this as my feature image. It all depends on what your theme is, really. But because embedded images can be hit or miss with displaying, I would rather upload the actual image of my choice and add them under the “add media” option. Play around with sizing and placement (right, left, center), and always do post previews before actually hitting publish. Get the spacing right. It is a little tricky, but a part of the puzzle worth solving! 🙂 Happy blogging, Michelle! Hope this helps… Mother Hen


  2. Woah! How generous are you?! Monsieur Le Fly would have been sprayed up the wazzoo on first buzz. Yes, yes, I know all creatures and that but if I came into your home with poo on my feet and proceeded to throw up on your food I could understand why I wouldn’t be welcome.

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